Li Nanxing's first drama in China to be released in February 2020

Vicky Zhao, who acted as "Xiaoyanzi" in My Fair Princess, is producing the webdrama.

January 20, 10:24 am

Jay Chou impressed with Tanya Chua's cover of his songs, considers it birthday present from her

Solid local talent.

January 18, 11:46 am

Mandopop singer Rainie Yang started practising her autograph at 15 to prepare for being famous

She has been in the showbiz for at least 20 years. Wow.

January 18, 10:23 am

27,000 women apply to accompany Japanese billionaire to the moon as his girlfriend

The program has gathered backlash from some women in the STEM industry.

January 17, 06:08 pm

Japanese model spends S$12 million in 3 months, divorces husband when told to spend less

She asked for a divorce just one week after she had gotten married.

January 15, 10:15 pm

R-chord Hsieh's wife suing him & new girlfriend, demanding S$180,000 compensation

She claimed that they were extremely open about their affair despite him being married.

January 15, 05:43 pm

Burger King offers part-time job to Prince Harry after step back from royal duties

He can finally be king.

January 15, 05:13 pm

Jacelyn Tay's son, 8, cries & asks mom to cane him so he can 'grow up to be good'

So pure.

January 15, 05:01 pm

After 12 nominations, Kenneth Ma wins first Best Actor at TVB Awards in his 20-year career


January 15, 12:20 am

Photos of Donnie Yen lookalike from Indonesia inspires hilarious internet comments

From Donnie Yen to Donnie Rupiah.

January 14, 04:12 pm

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