Xiaxue asks everyone to stop glamourising morbidly obese people, gets backlash

Ah well.

February 17, 02:14 pm

Coronavirus: Louis Koo distributed 20,000 masks to veteran HK actors who needed them

What a great man.

February 16, 12:26 am

Mandopop singer Bii announces marriage after dating for less than a year


February 15, 06:50 pm

A glimpse inside A-mei's 4-storey home in Taiwan that reportedly costs up to S$21.7 million


February 12, 04:31 pm

Hollywood interviewer asks Bong Joon Ho why 'Parasite' filmed in Korean, he gives classy response

Netizens were divided.

February 12, 04:09 pm

Rebecca Black commemorates 9 year anniversary of 'Friday' with inspirational post

Gotta get down.

February 12, 09:34 am

Tottenham footballer Dele Alli faces possible ban after mocking coronavirus in Snapchat video

Who still uses Snapchat?

February 11, 07:51 pm

S'porean YouTuber Jianhao Tan invited to Harvard as conference panelist


February 11, 08:58 am

S'pore actor Edwin Goh goes public with Ukrainian model girlfriend


February 10, 05:13 pm

Hong Kong actress Florence Kwok goes all-out on protective gear during flight to M'sia

If that gives her peace of mind, sure.

February 10, 04:55 pm

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