China to ban plastic bags in 2022 & single-use plastic straws in restaurants by end-2020

Big step.

January 20, 06:38 pm

Get up to 50% off Hong Kong hotels, 1-for-1 Airport Express tickets, special deals for flights, dining & sightseeing

It’s time to book a trip.

January 20, 05:47 pm

Obese ISIS religious leader weighing 136kg had to be loaded onto lorry during arrest

One of his more infamous acts was to order the destruction of the Tomb of Jonah/Yunus.

January 20, 04:05 pm

These CNY ornaments & decorations are actually edible cookies

Incredible detail.

January 20, 03:51 pm

1st case of Wuhan pneumonia coronavirus confirmed in South Korea

South Korea will be running a 24-hour emergency quarantine system.

January 20, 03:34 pm

75kg pig made to bungee jump 68m in China to welcome Year of the Rat

Oh no.

January 20, 03:09 pm

M'sia restaurant staff rummage in piles of rubbish & seafood shells to help customer find lost ring

Next-level service.

January 20, 01:55 pm

3rd Wuhan pneumonia death confirmed in China as virus spreads to Beijing & Shenzhen

Chinese health authorities also reported a spike in the number of infected cases.

January 20, 12:41 pm

Mahathir: Pakatan Harapan could be one-term government

Political reality.

January 20, 12:29 pm

Girl, 6, gets eyelid torn off after falling on clothes rack hook at Sydney department store

She lost her balance and fell directly onto a clothes rack below.

January 19, 03:30 pm

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