S’poreans write letters of encouragement to front line healthcare workers

Really heartwarming.

Syahindah Ishak | February 12, 07:53 pm


With the ongoing 2019 novel coronavirus (Covid-2019) outbreak, frontline healthcare workers in Singapore probably have the toughest jobs right now.

Like this man, for example:

Tan Tock Seng Hospital staff shares sacrifice & struggles of working on the frontlines

Healthcare workers are ostracised

It doesn’t help that some of them are getting shunned by society too.

There have been a number of anecdotal tales of how nurses and paramedics in Singapore have been discriminated against by some people.

Nurse in S’pore allegedly kicked off bus for carrying uniform home in plastic bag to wash, her sister fumes

Anecdotes online claim S’pore nurses ostracised for taking MRT in uniform & spreading viruses

S’pore ambulance driver allegedly turned away from food stall, according to Grab driver

S’porean nurse relates how she was ostracised for being in uniform & taking the lift to go to work

M’sia paramedic came back to S’pore to help with coronavirus, can’t find place to rent due to profession

Singaporeans write letters of encouragement

But fortunately, the Covid-2019 outbreak has also brought out instances of volunteerism and kindness from others.

Some Singaporeans have written heartfelt letters to the workers.

Organisations such as POWER 98 Love Songs and StandUpFor.SG are particularly dedicated to sharing words of encouragement with the front line personnel.

Members of the public have since submitted their letters on social medias through the hashtags #SGUnited and #braveheartsg.

StandUpFor.SG, which started its movement on Facebook, will print out the letters and distribute them to the healthcare workers from Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14) onwards.

Here’s some of the best ones on Instagram:

1) “Our hero”

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2) “Nothing but pure, immense gratitude”

3) “You all keep this country strong”

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#braveheartsg 🌸💖

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4) “Mighty warriors”

5) “Thank you & God bless you”

6) “We’re rooting for you”

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7) “You really inspire me”

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#braveheartsg ❤️💛🤩🤩

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8) “Brave healers”

9) “Because of you, people can get a second chance to live”

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10) “Truly selfless”

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11) “I am standing with you”

12) “We will get through this”

13) “Thank you for being you”

14) “Thank you for being a badass”

15) And perhaps, the best one yet: “Spread kindness like it was Wuhan”

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