S’porean actor Thomas Ong dropping out of Showbiz, planning to sell crystals online

His interest in crystals started last year due to an ambassadorship.

Mandy How | January 13, 06:47 pm


50-year-old Thomas Ong will exit from showbiz this year, 8world reports.

His last project, Channel 8 series “Super Dad”, is scheduled to air in June 2020.

Ong will be paired once more with Paige Chua in the series, after working with the actress on “Mightiest Mother-in-Law” in 2017.

Although Chua is reluctant to see Ong exit, she adds that she is “honoured” to be able to work with him on his final project.

Online business

But Ong will still be keeping busy.

Thanks to an ambassadorship last year, the actor got to learn more about crystals and started doing his own research.

He is planning to translate his interest into a business.

He told 8world,

“Ever since I’ve been ‘addicted’ to crystals, I’ve been to China, Thailand etc. to purchase all sorts of crystals and precious stones, and spent a lot of money, haha. I’ve been discussing it with some business-savvy friends, on how we can set up an online business. They’ll be in charge of sales, while I’ll design the crystal accessories.”

Scrolling through Ong’s Instagram feed shows the actor wearing crystal bracelets on a number of occasions.

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In addition, Ong will continue his social work at Cambodia, where is known to support Sopheak’s Friendship School since 2013.

“[…] I go there an average of once once a year. Besides visiting the children, I’ll also check the accounts, and make sure that the local in-charge does not misuse the funds.”

Second retirement?

If you’ve been following Ong, however, you would know that this is not the first time the actor is retiring from showbiz.

According to 8world, he declared two years ago that Channel 8 series “29th February” would be his swansong.

The veteran actor has been in television shows like “Metamorphosis”, “C.L.I.F 2”, and the “You Can Be An Angel” series.

Ong explains,

“Back then, I just wanted to rest after filming, and really did not want to act again. But these couple of years, I’ve been receiving comments from the audience on social media, saying they want to see me in shows. Coincidentally, I liked the story of “Super Dad”, so I took it on. But I’m old and tired now, so I really won’t be filming anymore, “Super Dad” will be my last project!”

When asked if he would consider supporting roles or guest appearances, he replied decisively, “No.”

Top image via Thomas Ong’s Instagram account 


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