New bank notes for CNY 2020 angpows available at POSB pop-up ATMs from Jan. 9

Also can make a reservation for new notes!

Zhangxin Zheng | January 8, 06:21 pm


New year, new notes.

DBS/POSB announced new and “good-as-new” notes will be available in POSB pop-up ATMs around the country from January 9, 2020.

Here are the 20 pop-up ATM locations:

Customers will be able to withdraw new notes in sums of

  • S$100 (50 x S$2 notes)
  • S$300 (30 x S$10 notes)
  • S$500 (10 x S$50 notes), and
  • S$600 (20 x S$10 notes and eight x S$50 notes).

To save time on queuing, you can also make reservation online for the new notes with the ATM / Debit Cards / Credit Cards and PIN starting from Jan. 9 too.

The collection of reserved new notes will be available from Jan. 13 onwards at full-service DBS branches, except DBS Marina Bay Sands branch and DBS Woodlands Service Centre branch.

For a more environmentally friendly and hassle-free option, you can also opt for the QR Code gift card.

Top photo courtesy of DBS


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