Photos of Donnie Yen lookalike from Indonesia inspires hilarious internet comments

From Donnie Yen to Donnie Rupiah.

Mandy How | January 14, 04:12 pm


Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen rose to international fame after playing Ip Man in the eponymous film series.

Now, Yen is so prominent that another guy has gone viral just for looking like him.

His photos were first posted by one Abby Soekarno on Facebook, and subsequently picked up by Indonesian sites and other Facebook pages.

His original post has garnered over 11,000 shares.

Here are some juxtapositions of Yen and his doppelgänger:

Photo via Abby Soekarno on Facebook

In the unlikely case that you can’t tell, Yen is on the right.

Photo via Abby Soekarno on Facebook
Photo via Abby Soekarno on Facebook
Photo via Abby Soekarno on Facebook

Some photos of the doppelgänger alone:

Photo via Abby Soekarno on Facebook

He appears to be selling ice-cream in this photo.

Photo via Abby Soekarno on Facebook

In another photo, he sold snacks.

Photo via Abby Soekarno on Facebook

According to the uploader, the Donnie Yen lookalike is from Singkawang, a city in Indonesia.

However, the Facebook user did not say if he knew the doppelgänger, or how he even got the photos.


But commenters did not need much to go on.

Besides being tickled by the similarities in appearances, many made cheeky comments about the pirated Donnie Yen.

Here are some particularly funny ones:

“One fights 10, the other gets beaten by 10.”

“Donnie Yen has six packs, he has one pack.”

“Ask his mum what happened back then?”

“One is real Donnie, the other is fake Donnie.”

(This is a pun on Yen’s Chinese surname “Zhen”, which is pronounced the same way as the Chinese character for “real”.)

“This guy can film Ip Man 5678, at least it won’t be so expensive [to hire him].”

Ha. Ha.

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Top image via Abby Soekarno on Facebook

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