Hugh Grant & Guy Ritchie recreate 65-year-old photo of fathers as soldiers in S’pore

The photo was posted to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Andrew Koay | November 14, 2019 @ 10:27 am


Back before Singapore gained independence, British Army soldiers were still stationed in Singapore.

Two such soldiers happened to be the fathers of British actor Hugh Grant, and film director Guy Ritchie.

Now the younger Grant and Ritchie have recreated a 65-year-old photo that featured both their fathers, taken after the Second World War (WWII).

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This first picture was taken 65 years ago in Singapore where my dad — Captain John Ritchie — and Hugh Grant’s dad —Captain James Grant — were stationed in the same regiment, the Seaforth Highlanders. The second picture — taken on a film set in London 65 years later, has one grandson and two sons recreating that original image. We’d discovered by co-incidence that Rory Gibb, our Production Assistant on the film‘s grandad was in that same original picture. You can see the resemblance. The third image is of my dad and grandad. My granddad, Major Stewart Ritchie, died in 1940 in France in WW2. Spare a thought today for the men and women in uniform who have fallen in defence and service of others. #RemembranceDay #RemembranceSunday

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Posted on Ritchie’s Instagram, the original photo was taken after WWII, when both fathers were stationed in Singapore as part of their service in a regiment called the Seaforth Highlanders.

According to Ritchie, the recreated photo was taken on a film set in London.

Grant (second row, center) and Ritchie (left) standing in the same poses as their fathers did 65 years ago. Glibb (right) is standing as his grandfather did. Image from Guy Ritchie’s Instagram

“(The photo) has one grandson and two sons recreating that original image,” said Ritchie.

According to the South China Morning Post, Ritchie and Grant discovered that their fathers had both served in the same regiment while filming “The Gentlemen”.

The film is directed by Ritchie, and stars Grant.

Coincidentally, a production assistant working on the set of Ritchie’s new film The Gentlemen had a grandfather who was also in the original photo.

“You can see the resemblance,” said Ritchie.

Remembrance Day

The photo was posted on Nov. 11, with hashtags commemorating Remembrance Day.

It’s a day observed in Commonwealth countries to honour soldiers who died in the line of duty.

Ritchie’s own grandfather, who was a Major in the British army, died in 1940 in France during WWII.

Captain John Ritchie (R) and Major Stewart Ritchie (L). John was Ritchie’s father, while Stewart was Ritchie’s grandfather. Image from Guy Ritchie’s Instagram

“Spare a thought today for the men and women in uniform who have fallen in defence and service of others,” he wrote.

Top image via Guy Ritchie’s Instagram account

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